A Message for Nation

The purpose of Human Welfare Organization is to eliminate from the Pakistan Society the devaluation of moral integrity, increase in injustice, degraded education system inflation, poverty, rule of mafia, and thieves, failure of Government institutes, intolerance society, lack of hygienic, increase population and like it several other issues while have tormented us. If we did not raise our voice against these social evils then our for coming generations would never forgive us. A stable society needs our sacrifices while includes getting out of individualism serve and contribute for humanity. Even if one is unable to contribute financially. They can help/ assist us by working with us side by side by sharing their valuable time field of specialty. Human Welfare Organization believes that we have reached at an optism point. We must fight against these odds otherwise devastation would be our end.

I request all of our central and provincial Government, all politicians, all noble citizens and feudal lords that if we did not remove depression of a deprived gentleman then this society including you all would get unwise able and everything would flushed away; this flood, so let us join hands hand will Human Welfare Organization to provide basic need to a common man. Together we will fulfill the dreams of our society, their will not be any kind of dishonesty and we will take concrete healthy steps for the betterment of our society so that one day our Pakistani society be respected world wide.

Chairman of Human Welfare Organization

Organization has its own constitution which Govern its function and election of office Bearers
Registered with social welfare department
Government of Punjab in july 1997 vide
No.DDSW/RWP/ 97-0659
Patron in chief Mr.Arshad Mahmood
President Mr.Ejaz Ashraf Dar
General sectary Mr.Saqib shakeel
Vice president Mr.Nayyar qurashi
Finance secretary Mr. Muhammad Farooq
Joint sectary Mr Tariq Mahmood Lodhi
Information secretary Mr younis ali sheikh Office secretary Qadeer ashraf da
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